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You and your family members each spend at least 30 minutes a day, or up to fourteen full days and nights a year in the smallest room in your house...the bathroom. The time you spend there can range from boring and tedious, to highly inspiring and motivating depending on the decor and fixtures in your bathroom.

There's nothing quite like the sparkle and elegance of a new McCauley shower or tub enclosure to transform your ordinary and merely functional bathroom into a beautiful luxury spa that will have your family members and guests smiling with pleasure and delight each time they use it.

McCauley Glass Custom Shower Enclosures Magically Transform Your Bathroom

McCauley Glass is the leading company in South Texas for design, installation, and repair of custom shower enclosures. We supply the widest variety of shower glass that will fit any style bathroom and budget. From basic framed shower doors to elaborate custom frameless enclosures,

McCauley Glass offers the best combination of price, quality, and service. The following are the three basic shower enclosure choices we offer our Pearland customers with many variations of each available:

Frameless Shower Enclosures

This is by far the most popular and elegant choice for our Pearland customers. The frameless enclosure compliments any home style from traditional to modern and it gives your bathroom an amazingly open and spacious feeling. The finished effect never fails to impress our customers!

With no support other than the glass, our frameless shower enclosures are constructed of heavy 3/8" or 1/2" tempered glass to give the unit the necessary structural integrity. The bond between panels and the wall mounting is expertly crafted then we finish the enclosure with beautiful plated hardware chosen from a large assortment of styles and configurations.

Frameless showers are a sound investment in your home that will substantially increase its value and enjoyment.

Barn Style Slider Enclosures

Rolling Barn Style enclosures offer the elegance of frameless glass showers along with functional operation in spaces where a swing out door may not be optimal.

Simple elegance and clean lines define the look of this enclosure with a door that rolls in front of or behind a fixed glass pane. Bathroom floor space is not obstructed when the door is opened or closed.

In some applications an optional 90-degree return panel or a dual rolling door option may better fit your needs. In the dual door scenario both door panels are operable and roll long the same bar

Assorted hardware finishes are available so the shower doors match the rest of your bathroom decor

The rolling barn style enclosure affords reliable water containment, simple door operation, sleek design, and a timeless style that harmonizes with most bathroom


Semi-Frameless Enclosures

If you want the beauty of a frameless enclosure but have a lower budget or possibly a design limitation, consider going with our McCauley semi-frameless shower. We construct these of slightly thinner glass than our frameless shower enclosures and firmly attach them to the walls of the shower area, with placement often in a corner of the room.

Our semi-frameless custom shower enclosures have a header on top of the enclosure and the fixed glass panels are framed with slim profile channel. The shower door itself is made of 100 percent glass with no framing around it, and that's why the industry refers to this type of enclosure as "semi-frameless".

We've been installing semi-frameless shower enclosures since they first entered the market and they never fail to impress our customers with their style and functionality.

Framed Shower Enclosures

Throw away your shower rod and mildewed curtain for good!. Let McCauley Glass install a custom framed shower enclosure to beautify your bath and transform your shower experience. Framed enclosures offer an affordable option for the most budget-conscious of our customers.

Similar to our semi-frameless shower enclosure, McCauley framed units are fully framed around the door and around the edges of the glass panels. They offer an excellent value at a price in between curtained showers and frameless shower installations. Although framed shower enclosures aren't quite as transparent as semi and fully frameless shower enclosures,

McCauley framed shower enclosures are more appealing than the prefabricated products that you might find at home improvement store chains. And, they hold up better over time.

Why should you have McCauley Glass install your shower enclosure rather than a competitor?

  • We Work to Ultra Tight Tolerances - Our glass gap spacing is the tightest in the industry, creating a virtually leak-proof seal without gaskets.

  • We Use Durable Precision Machined Brass Hardware - McCauley glass enclosures employ only the highest quality metal materials to ensure long-term, dependable, and trouble-free service.

  • We Use Superior Bonding Techniques - Our enclosures feature permanently bonded components using the highest quality adhesives to deliver many years of carefree use

  • We Integrate Our Shower Door Hinges - McCauley shower doors are usually notched where the hinges attach providing added security, strength, and safety.

  • We Offer Multiple Hardware Styles - McCauley Glass offers a wide range of materials and finishes to complement your individual taste or to match your existing bathroom fixtures.

  • We Offer the Largest Glass Selection - Our 3/16" through 1/2" glass thicknesses are available in styles ranging from clear to low-iron, frosted, clear-tinted and bronze-tinted styles. We also have multiple options in textured glass.

  • Most Experienced Company - We've been in the glass business for more than three decades. We installed some of the very first shower enclosures available in Texas.

  • We Offer the Best Warranty - We offer a one year warranty on parts and labor for anything we install. Warranties offered by manufacturers like ShowerGuard add additional coverages.

  • Free Phone Design Consultation - We will to give you a FREE EVALUATION recommendation and pricing. Call us. There is no obligation to purchase anything.

All McCauley shower glass products are fabricated by highly skilled technicians. With over twenty-five years of experience in designing, building and installing shower enclosures, we consider ourselves masters of our trade.

Homeowners, builders and contractors in Pearland and surrounding areas do too, and they depend on us to deliver the best designs, materials and installations - every time.

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We serve Pearland, Manvel, Alvin, and Friendswood, Texas.

Copyright © 2024 McCauley Glass.

We serve Pearland, Manvel, Alvin, and Friendswood, Texas.

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